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Google Cloud Platform (GCP), offered by google, is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, like as google-search and youtube. Alongside a set of management tools, it also provides a series of modular cloud services including computing, data storage, data analytics and machine learning registrations.
Google Cloud Platform provides a systematic infrastructure and various other important platform as a service that features as serverless computing environment.
In April 2008, Google announced app Engine, a platform for developing and hosting web applications in Google-managed data centers, which was the first cloud computing service of the company. This service became available from November 2011 for the general users. After the announcement of App Engine, Google later added multiple cloud services into the platform.
Google Cloud Platform is a part of Google Cloud, which includes the Google Cloud Platform (gcp) public cloud infrastructure, as well as G Suit for enterprising the versions of android and chrome OS and different application programming interfaces (APIs) for machine learning and enterprise the mapping service.
Thereby,Google continues to add higher-level services, such as those related to big data and machine learning to its cloud platform. Google big data services include these for data processing and analytics, such as Google BigQuery for SQL-which includes queries made against multi-terabyte data sets.

In addition, Google Cloud Dataflow is a data processing service intended for analytic such as extract, transform and load (ETL), which also concern for real-time computational projects. The platform also includes Google Cloud Dataproc, which offers Apache Spark and Hadoop services for big data processing.
For artificial intelligence (AI), Google offers its Cloud Machine Learning Engine, a managed service that enables user to build and train machine learning models. Various APIs are also available for the translation and analysis of speech, texts, images and videos.
Google also provide the services for IoT, such as Google Cloud IoT Core, which is a series of managed services that enables users to consume and manage data from IoT devices.

The Google Cloud Platform suite of services is always evolving. Google frequently & periodically introduces changes or may discontinue the service based on user demand or competitive pressures. Google’s main competitors in the public cloud computing market include Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.


To learn about Google Cloud Platform, firstly we need to go through the documentations of the Google Cloud platform. Also needs to completes all the labs and quests on Qwiklabs, which gives you the hand-on experience and practice for Google Cloud Platform.

For theory part you can go through the Google Cloud Documentation and for practice one should need to refer for hand on practices on qwiklabs.

Rather than this, they have provided coursera where we can take different courses accordingly what we want to study, which maybe introductory, fundamental or maybe advance learning.

And rest is “All the best for a new beginning! “

For Documentations :-

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For Data and ML :-

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GCP Essentials Services for Machine Learning

Google Cloud offers several high-quality pre-trained models via APIs, or Cloud AI building blocks, that can easily be consumed by developers regardless of the language they use or the nature of their application.

Cloud AI Platform is a managed service that lets developers and data scientists build and run superior machine learning models in production. Cloud ML Engine offers training and prediction services, which can be used together or individually.

Cloud AutoML enables developers to train high-quality models specific to their business needs without actually requiring machine learning expertise. This is done by leveraging Google’s state-of-the-art transfer learning.

Whether you’re new to machine learning or you’re already an expert, GCP has a variety of tools to help you.

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